Eastbourne beach huts

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Competition entry for four huts to be located at strategic points along the seafront which forms part of a longer cultural trail. The brief required a hut design that could be used for rental use by families or fitted out as a concession. It also asked that the proposals were visually interesting both during the day and at night. Pedder & Scampton's design was derived from archetypal seaside structures: striped tents, punch and judy etc. Each hut has a simple square plan with an asymmetrical pyramidal roof. The huts are designed to be robust to suit seaside and public area use. Constructed with a timber frame for the walls and roof entirely clad with multi walled polycarbonate sheeting with timber overcladding, the form is a translucent box that glitters in the sunlight with striped shadows from the overcladding. Solar panels connected to internal lights and coloured gels and painted panels internally mean that each hut will glow like a coloured lantern at night.