Childrens home

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Detailed Feasibility with costs for London Borough of Haringey for the upgrade of a former residential home to be recommissioned as supported temporary accommodation for children with behavioural issues being settled for placement in foster homes.

The assessment covered appropriateness of accommodation (layout, facilities and activities offered, fittings and finishes) and safety (fire, security and safety for staff and children) with a view to getting Ofsted approval. Key to the proposals were the aims to make a ‘home’ that was not institutional which while safe and comfortable, offered opportunities for personal growth both socially and educationally and relaxation.

The existing building was tired, institutional, had unclear circulation and security boundaries and could be made to operate more safely and easily by the staff team.

The proposals and budget costings were broken down and graphically presented in three categories: building fabric works, Ofsted/children’s home works, and potential further improvements to show the client the necessary and possible works that could be used as a form of shopping list. Phasing the works was also considered dividing the proposals into immediately necessary changes prior to occupation and further works that could be undertaken as smaller projects without significantly affecting the operation of the building.