Autism & Aspergers Campus

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Pedder & Scampton were commissioned by LB Haringey in 2019 to transform two dilapidated community buildings on a shared site into a new campus for local residents with autism and complex learning disabilities and a support hub for Haringey residents with Aspergers (the first of its kind in Haringey). The design of the campus was a collaborative effort which included input from experts, carers, and service users’ families, combined with Pedder and Scampton’s specialist design and specification knowledge for this user group.

Our design has created a landmark for the community by retrofitting and re using existing buildings on a tight budget to create two new facilities with a variety of spaces for group activities, clear logical layouts, rooms for retreat and a training kitchen which will provide life skills training opportunities for the user group. Finishes, fittings and detail design are specifically tailored to the particular sensory issues that can arise.

The main entrance to the campus incorporates a graphic inspired by local artist Lucy Brennan who attends Artbox London, a social enterprise that empowers local artists with learning difficulties. The shared gardens will be upgraded over time as projects for the building users.

The campus is named in memory of local Haringey resident Chad Gordon who was tragically killed in May 2020 and a commemorative tree planting ceremony with of a memorial plaque marked the official opening of the campus.