Our office Christmas included a trip round the new Design Museum. The roof is lovely (much as we oldies remember it) but we thought there was a lot of empty circulation that could have housed the Design displays giving the internal route more purpose and meaning while leaving space for showcasing Designers on the top floor.













We attended the Stretch Outsider Art Festival to see 'Frosted Glass', a semi autobiographical feature film written by Anthony Fairweather based on his experience of living with Asperger's. Thoroughly enjoyable - this should be mainstream cinema!






Our Southend Beach Huts have come second in the Brett Martin 2017 iAwards competion for the most imaginative use of Brett Martin polycarbonate sheeting







We gave a paper on our horticultural building for autistic people at the National Autistic Society's recent 'Design for Autism' conference in Manchester.  There were many excellent presentations - the one by Richard Maguire, who is himself autistic, on understanding autism, was particularly illuminating.