Checklist for Clients - Community Projects


When we meet in person, it would be useful if you could highlight any key ambitions and concerns for your project, including deadlines and budget.  So please consider the following:

Reasons for the works

-  To create extra room
-  To utilise existing space more efficiently
-  To adapt a property to a new use
-  To refurbish a property that's become run down?
-  To change the style of existing spaces?


-  Do you have a formal brief?
-  If not do you want us to prepare the brief and do you have procedures in place to cover this? For example do you have any formal consultation or approval mechanisms?

Your ambitions

What end results must you achieve? For example:
-  Additional classrooms
-  Workspace for x people
-  Inviting frontage and interior floor space
-  Other (please specify)

Additional elements

Are there any additional elements you would like to achieve if possible? If so, please rank them in order of priority

Key stakeholders

Who are the key stakeholders and what input will they have - for example:
-  Who owns the building?
-  Who will be commissioning the building works?
-  Who will be using the project?

Project responsibility

-  Who will be in charge of the project on a day to day basis?
-  Will this person be empowered to give us instructions?

Project sign off

-  Who will make final decisions, and sign off the project at key stages?

Others who need to be consulted

Does anyone else need to be consulted, for instance:
-  Building owner
-  Building users
-  Staff
-  Maintenance team
-  Parents / children
-  Others (please specify)

Project funding
How will the project be funded?


Is there a set budget? (Remember you also need a contingency fund of 10% of the construction cost)

Constraints and requirements

Does the funding affect any of the following:
-  Timing
-  The way the works are carried out
-  Who does the work


Is there a set timetable or key dates for the works, for example:
-  Does work have to commence by a certain date
-  Does work have to be completed by a certain date
-  Other (please specify)


Do you need to achieve consents other than planning and building regulations?
-  Landlords consent
-  Freeholders consent
-  Other (please specify)

Procurement procedures

Does your organisation or company have specific procedures for procurement we have to follow?
(If yes, please specify)


Are there particular consultants we need to work with?
(If yes, please specify)

How will you judge the project to be a success?