Wheelchair Housing

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Shared accommodation for people with physical disabilities. The brief required a fully wheelchair accessible home to enable 5 people with severe physical disabilities to lead as independent a life as possible whilst receiving the support they need to do this.

The project has been designed to Habinteg standards. Carefully considered demolition in the original house allowed us to create  generous and straightforward circulation with a lift to the first floor. Shared living spaces look onto the garden and are big enough for the whole household to sit together.  All bedrooms have wheelchair accessible ensuite bathrooms, some with hoists, and have sunny views out either over the street or the garden.   Bathrooms have individual colour schemes that can be chosen by the Residents.  Socket outlets, lights etc. are carefully placed for the convenience of people who may spend many hours in bed.  Rooflights and glazed doors allow circulation areas to be naturally lit and dado panels with laser cut patterns give character whilst protecting the walls.  Ramps, terraces, canopies and raised planter beds give wheelchair access to the garden and to gardening.

This project was linked to a 'sister' project to create shared, supported, accommodation for people with Korsakoff syndrome.