House Refurbishments

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Most of our house refurbishment projects have been in London, often in conservation areas. Recurring design themes have included the strategic formation of new openings to create connections between rooms, the construction of contemporary extensions, and improved links to gardens.

These projects generally involve complete re-servicing (heating, plumbing and electrics), the design of new bathrooms and kitchens, selecting finishes, designing bespoke fittings, furniture and storage, and garden layouts to complement the interiors. Restoration and repair of historic features such as joinery or period cornices is carried out using traditional techniques where appropriate.

Properties that are in conservation areas, are listed, or have specific planning issues, need to be handled with care. We have a good record of planning permissions that incorporate contemporary additions carefully designed to complement the qualities of the original building.

Projects outside London include refurbishing and extending a traditional Irish cottage as a holiday home.