Crisis Skylight

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The UK charity, Crisis Skylight, wanted to expand their existing space to create more skills training workshops for the homeless. Pedder & Scampton transformed an unused basement into a series of flexible teaching rooms that open off a curved circulation route. Thisavoids the feel of an institutional corridor and eliminates dead ends. The walls are made of tough, translucent corrugated sheeting overlaid on vertical stripes of coloured gel. Light permeates through the translucent sheets casting coloured lines on the floor and animating the corridor whilst overlooking of room occupants from the circulation spaces is limited.  The strong colour theme of yellows, lime greens and oranges links the spaces visually. The training workshops include bicycle and computer repair, woodworking, music recording and plumbing. All are designed to help develop basic skills and raise self esteem.

“…. it looks very funky. I popped down to see it a couple of times during construction and saw the colours the curves and the strange plastics. You guys! You don't let me down. Brilliant.”

Comment from the Specialist Adviser from the government office that funded the scheme