Southend Beach Huts

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Two sets of beach huts located at East Beach, Shoeburyness, Southend on Sea. The design provides distinctive, low maintenance, secure huts with an undulating roof profile that can be seen from the higher paths behind the site. Gaps between the huts ensure that the view of the sea is not blocked from the upper promenade walk. The canted plan shape means that the roofs are orientated towards the South with coloured doors and security shutters creating variety within a strong overall repeating form. The major components of the huts were prefabricated to allow for fast construction over the winter months. The walls incorporate recycled timber pallets bolted into timber frames and faced with tough translucent plastic sheeting to the outside with plywood to the inner face. The panels are bolted into place on site and then walls then infilled with pebbles, gravel, glass chippings, shells and other recycled materials laid in drift layers visible through the plastic. The result is walls that each differ from one another while utilising the materials indigenous to the beach. The prefabricated roofs are planted with sea hardened sedum.