Meadow Well Connected

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The remodelling of an existing set of spaces in a Community Centre in Chirton, North Tyneside to rpovide a new community access and training computer room. The client's brief called for the maximum number of computer desks possible whilst maintaining circulation, a desk form that enabled private use while still permitting an overview of the room for the support worker, a central location for printers and working with a teacher, some touch down type workstations, 3 desks designed for wheelchair users, a small office/workroom for quiet work, and most importantly a vibrant, distinctive space. The desks need to be designed for prefabrication in London and assembly on site. The design arranges the main workstations in an egg shaped plan with differing shades of laminate finish and coloured translucent Perspex privacy screens. This is more efficient, flexible and visually appealing arrangement than a series of straight rows.