Silvertown flyunder

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Scheme for creative workspaces to be built under the UK's first flyover, in the London Docklands. The work units are inserted into the magnificent 'found space' under the flyover: a 240m long stretch of road held up on a forest of columns and shaped beams.

Working for the GLA and a private developer, Pedder & Scampton have developed the proposal from a shortlisted ideas competition entry to a Planning application.

Using one file of the road arches that run the full length of the undercroft space as the main internal circulation route, will enable the multiple occupiers and visitors to appreciate this characterful structure where the slip roads peel away from the main road leaving gaps that allow daylight and air into the space.

A cafe, exhibition space and shared support rooms will encourage an internal community with semi public access for events.

Above the road the scheme is made visible by intermittent 'towers' that rise up in the slots between the roadways, internally illuminated with signage as distinctive beacons.

In keeping with the robust concrete structure the materials to be used include galvanised profiled steel sheet, strong colour panels and black rubber externally and multiwall polycarbonate sheeting and ply to the interior.