BBC Listening pod

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Competition entry for a low budget, demountable mini recording studio to support the BBC Listening Project. The brief requires a structure that could be assembled by two people without major lifting equipment in a wide range of locations both internal and outside. The components have to fit through a doorway and yet the whole assembly has to function as a recording environment for 'vox pop' type conversations. Our design uses recycled corrugated cardboard laminated into large interlocking building blocks that are stacked to form a pavilion enclosure. Corrugated card provides good acoustic absorbancy inside while the outside is clad in soft acoustic panels covered with coloured ripstop nylon fitted to the outside like a jacket.

The form of the 'pod' is in plan like a giant ear: a labyrinthine layout that creates space for the producer and acoustic protection to the central space at the heart of the spiral access route. The walls and roof blocks stack into an asymmetrical monolithic form, chiselled out on the inside to create the intimate conversation space.