Autism Day Centre & Disability Services

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Designs to convert a 1980s day centre to create a base for the Borough's Autism Service alongside a new Hub to provide Borough wide services to people with special needs of all kinds including dementia, visual and auditory impairment, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health issues.  The spatial relationship between the two uses was carefully calibrated to give the Autism Service privacy and security but allow their clients to engage with the other Hub facilities and activities should they so wish.

The autism spaces include activity rooms, retreat and staff spaces. The Hub incorporates a training kitchen, laundry, sensory room and small and large activity rooms arranged around a communal meeting/foyer space with refreshment facilities and small booths for one to one advice and individual media use. External spaces will be upgraded to create a sensory garden, exercise space and a picnic area.

The spatial arrangements, fittings and finishes have been carefully designed to meet the many and varied needs of the users. Extensive consultations were carried out with specialist staff, other stakeholders, users and their families.